Which Sentence Has The Correct Subject-Verb Agreement Atmospheric Pressure

1. The following sentence is an example of which English main sentence? The baby has the ball to his father`s innkeeper. A. Subject – Word of Action – Direct Object B. Pronoun – subject – Questionable word (C. Subject – action verb – Your friends are right. The theme “ni. . . . again.

. is singular and must have the singular verb “play.” Can one of his own help me not to be sure that my answers are correct? 1.Which sentence contains a pluralistic collective noun? one. The team was scheduled to play Sunday. B.The host team put on its uniforms. C.The audience was ready What sentence shows the correct subject-verb agreement? (1 point) one. My stamp collection is extensive. B. The herds of beef are huge! C. The library staff are very helpful. D.The crew of the workers finishes the work. a) Atmospheric pressure and wind require careful measurement. Which sentence contains an error in the subject-verb agreement 1. Which of the following points is an example of accidental plagiarism? A.

Submit a document written by a friend. B. Copy information from a source and identify as your own C. The grouping of information without the inclusion of the preaching [verb] must show that more than one thing must be measured. I guess the answer is in your book, look at school ya floozy. . Two things to measure, or two things to measure? As it is plural, the answer must be a). But if you put them together and treat them as one entity, the other would be fine.

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