19th December 2018
Comparing ELSS and PPF

Which is Better ELSS or PPF? Savings form an important part of our life. It is important that you not only save but also invest the savings into the right products. It is essential to have knowledge of different products when making an investment decision. Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) and Public Provident Fund (PPF) are two products, which are…Read More

4th October 2018
Basics of Short Duration Funds

Understanding Short Duration Funds Every investor strives to maximize their investments by making the right decisions. The tenure or period of investment plays a crucial role in the same. Investment decisions should always be made keeping the period of investment horizon in mind to ensure high returns over the investment period. If you are planning to invest for a short-term…Read More

2nd October 2018
Basics of Money Market Funds

Understanding¬†Money Market Funds Understanding different types of mutual funds will not only help you make a wise decision but will also help you diversify your investment portfolio. One such type of mutual fund, which offers security to your investment, is a money market fund. What is a money market fund? A money market fund is a mutual fund where the…Read More

2nd October 2018
Basics of Low Duration Funds

Choose the Best Low Duration Fund Investors who are keen on investing in short-term funds have a number of options to choose from. Every fund has a unique time horizon and features that set it apart from other funds. One such fund, which you should be well versed with, is a low duration fund. What is a low duration fund?…Read More

2nd October 2018
Basics of Ultra Short Duration Funds

An Insight on Ultra Short Duration Funds Numerous investors park their money into debt funds without a thorough knowledge of their features and performance. Before you make an investment decision, it is important to know everything about the fund, which you are planning to select for investment. One such fund, which you should have good awareness about, is an ultra-short…Read More

2nd October 2018
Basics of Overnight Funds

Understanding Overnight Funds There is one type of mutual fund, which not many have heard of- overnight funds. It should be considered as an integral fund for the diversification of your portfolio. Here is everything you need to know about overnight funds. What is an overnight fund? An overnight fund is a debt mutual fund, which invests in bonds that…Read More

2nd October 2018
Basics of Liquid Funds

Understanding Liquid Funds Investing in funds has the benefits of diversification and the possibility of generating high returns. The funds are managed by professionals on your behalf and they invest in different securities. However, understanding the types and features of the fund will help in making an investment decision. One such type, which you should have sound knowledge about, is…Read More

19th September 2018
Securities Lending and Borrowing

Understanding Securities Lending and Borrowing (SLB) What is Securities lending and borrowing (SLB) ? Securities lending and borrowing is scheme which helps to earn a small rental fees on the Ideal shares/stocks held in your demat account. While the Lender of the stock/share benefits by earning a small Income on the ideal shares. The borrower of the stock/share uses the…Read More

12th September 2018
Basics of ELSS Mutual Funds

Things to Know Before You Invest in an ELSS Fund There are numerous types of funds introduced in the market. This might make it difficult for the investor to take a pick. Knowledge about the same can help understand its features and make a well-informed decision. Here is all you need to know about ELSS funds before investing in the…Read More

12th September 2018
Basics of Focused Funds

Everything That You Need to Know About Focused Funds Understanding different types of investment products will help you make the right choice. One such investment product, which you should have sound knowledge about, is focused fund. What is a focused fund? A focused fund is a fund, which has a small number of shares in its portfolio. It invests in…Read More

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