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You can invest in our hand-picked mutual funds within a few minutes by paying zero investment fees, in a completely paperless manner.

Confused on Saving Tax ?
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Why tax saving in mutual funds

Tax Saving Mutual Funds or ELSS helps you save tax while helping your money grow to its best potential.It qualifies for tax exemptions under section (u/s) 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act.

Lowest Lock In

Lock-In for 3 Years. Compared with Other Options for 5 to 15 Years

Highest Historical Returns

Historically high returns of 15-18% over long term

Least Taxed

Best Post Tax returns Compared with other Investment Products.

Get Proof Instantly

Download and Submit your Investment Proofs to HR to Save Tax

Compare tax saving investment

FundsInn helps you compare various Tax Saving Investment Options available under Section 80C

1 L
1.5 L


  • Lock-In : 3 Yrs
  • Pre-Tax Returns : 15-18%
  • Tax Rate : 10% Tax

Fixed Deposits

  • Lock-In : 5 Yrs
  • Pre-Tax Returns : 7%
  • Tax Rate : 30% on Interest


  • Lock-In : 15 Yrs
  • Pre-Tax Returns : 8%
  • Tax Rate : Tax Free


  • Lock-In : 5 Yrs
  • Pre-Tax Returns : 7.8%
  • Tax Rate : 30% on Interest


  • Lock-In : 20 Yrs
  • Pre-Tax Returns : 7%
  • Tax Rate : Tax Free


FundsInn Tax calculator below takes into consideration the Income, and estimates the Amount of Tax that can be saved in the Current Fiscal.

1 L
100 L
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Why FundsInn for Tax Saving

Being pure equity based instruments; ELSS funds have the potential to generate higher returns. With FundsInn, you can experience the ease within 3 minutes without having to leave your seat.

Pre-Selected Tax Saving Funds

Scientifically Selected Best Performing Tax Savings mutual funds under Section 80 C

Zero Fees

You have to pay absolutely nothing as processing fees.

Tax Refund Assured

Get Assured Tax Refund by Filing your Income Tax through

Online Investment Tracking

Track and Manage all your Investments online through our portal or Mobile App