Understanding Basics of Liquid Funds

What is a Liquid Fund ?

Liquid Funds are a Type of Mutual Fund which invests in Fixed Deposits, Treasury bills, Commercial Paper. Generally Investments with less Maturity Dates. The Fund Manager can meet the Redemption request from the investors Since the Maturity Tenure in the Underlying instruments is less than 1 year or Redemption Request from the investors can be met by selling the Underlying Instruments in the market.

Benefits of Investing in Liquid Funds?

  • They don’t have a Lock In Period Unlike your Fixed Deposits.
  • No Entry or Exit Load ( No Charges for Investing or withdrawing).
  • Withdraw Money Anytime You Require like your Savings Accounts.
  • Low Risk of Loosing your Investment.

Returns in Liquid Funds

Liquid Funds Yield a Returns Similar to Your Fixed Deposits. With the Flexibility to Withdraw your Money any time You want.

Recommended Liquid Funds

All the Liquid Funds in the market give you almost the Similar Returns.

If You would Like to Park or Invest your Money for a Tenure less than 1 Year You do so by Investing in Liquid Mutual Funds.

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21st July 2015
What is a Commercial Paper?

Commercial Papers are Financial Instruments which is borrowed by Large Companies ( eg: Tata Motors, Reliance Industries, L&T, BHEL, SBI, etc…) were the Tenure of Borrowing Money is more than 7 Days or Less Than 1 Year. The Borrowed Money is Used by the Companies for Managing there day to day Activities like Payroll, or New Company Acquisition, etc… Why…Read More

13th August 2013
Liquid Funds-Know what is it?

Liquid funds are a part of debt funds. These funds invest in short term and long term guaranteed products such as Bonds, commercial paper, non convertible debentures, fixed deposits of banks, corporate fixed deposits and other cash equivalent products. These funds give a return which is closely adjusted to the average returns of the products that it has invested. Advantages…Read More